The business

  • I am blessed to believe that I am fulfilling my life's destiny and I love what I do.
  • I am so happy to be part of the Bay Area Homebirth Collective - a group of amazing women who work hard to build a sense of community for local homebirthing families.
  • I trained through apprenticeship, mostly in San Francisco, thanks to the wonderful midwife Leah Redwood. I follow that tradition and sometimes have an apprentice of my own.

The personal

  • I come from Brooklyn (before it was a cool place to be) but lost my accent in college. It can still come out at a long birth, or when driving. Brooklyn was a great place to grow up.
  • San Francisco is also a great place to grow up says my daughter, born at home in 1993.
  • I met my sweetheart in 1978 at an engineering school in upstate New York. It truly was love at first sight. I just had to convince him.
  • I love music but can't sing or play an instrument, but I am almost always listening and seeking.
  • I love yoga but have yet to master a single pose. Luckily it's all about practice, not perfection.

Nice things others have said about me

  • "Hiring Sue was the best decision we made for our family. Her passion for her work shows in every aspect of her care.  From prenatal visits, birth experience to follow up postpartum care, we felt completely at ease and in incredibly capable hands. Sue listened to us, informed us, joked with us, cried with us, and all the while prepared us mind, body, & soul for what was to come. We could not have asked for a better experience."
                                                                                                                        - Céline, Sebastian, & Marcel
  • We had two wonderful birth experiences with Sue as our midwife. Both journeys from prenatal to postpartum were beyond our expectations. Her care was always consistent, thorough and personalized. The journey to a peaceful positive birth doesn't start when you go into labor, but actually months before. Sue's visits with us prepared us for what was to come. Our meetings together were not only educational, but put us in positive frame of mind. Her experience with hundreds of other couples really made us trust and value her voice. Sue was really maternal and truly caring. Her passion for homebirth was ever present in her being. She was a great support system and resource of information that we could call or email at anytime of the day and I knew that she would always have a quick response. For a first time expecting mother, that was invaluable. And then with our second baby, it was like asking advice to an old friend that we trust. After both births, this care continued, and for me, these periods were even more critical. Sue's array of homeopathic remedies never ceased to amaze us and proved fruitful in their benefits. There is no fixed time table of healing in postpartum. Sue was at my side whenever I needed her and proved on a number of occasions, that she was literally a phone call away. To this day, I can't thank her enough for putting me at ease when I needed it the most... physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Home birthing is a big deal. When you deliver your child in your home, you really need to trust who you work with. There was never a doubt that we had not picked the right person. We had complete faith in Sue's ability to help us deliver our first and then second child into the world. When you go through the home birthing process, those you work with actually become part of your family. And this is how we feel about Sue. We plan on Sue being a part of our lives and deliver all of our future children!
    Thank you so much Sue,

- Julie, John, Gabrielle and Kevin